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Dr. Ariane Gülzow

Dr. Ariane Gülzow

  • Born 1977
  • 1997 High school graduation
  • 1997/98 Flight attendant at Lufthansa in Frankfurt am Main
  • 1998/2003 Study of dentistry at Freie Universität in Berlin
  • 2003 State examination
  • 2005 Doctorate


  • 2004/06 Training assistant in Berlin
  • 2007 Enrolment in the register of General Dental Councils in London/ United Kingdom
  • 2007/2010 Dentist for Associated Dental Practices in Bristol/ UK
  • 2010 Assistant dentist in the medical practice Dr. Muhle & Partner in Berlin
  • 2010 Course supervision within the framework of ZMP advanced further training at Philipp-Pfaff-Institute of the Dental Associations Berlin and Brandenburg
  • 2011 Partner at the medical practice Dr. Muhle & Partner
  • 2011 Vocation as member of the Audit committee of the Dental Associations Berlin/Brandenburg for execution of certification exams for dental prophylaxis assistant 


  • 2003 Cerec seminar in Berlin
  • 2003 goDentis (DKV) basic instruction „Systemtatic dental prophylaxis“ (Berlin)
  • 2004 „Quality-Management-Workshop“ goDentis in Stuttgart
  • 2005 ZMK 2005 at ICC Berlin „Interdisciplinary dentistry“
  • 2005 Charité training forum – German physicians convention
  • 2006 5th annual conference of DGEndo in Dresden
  • 2007 BDTA Dental Showcase Birmingham
  • 2007 Actualisation of the qualification of radiation protection (Berlin)
  • 2008 Certification of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development: Complaints and Communication (Bristol)
  • 2008 Certification of Verifiable Continuing Professional Development: Treatment Planning for Clinical and Cosmetic Needs (Andover, England)
  • 2008 Course: Direct and indirect side tooth restoration with composite (Düsseldorf) Dr. Lorenzo Vanini, San Fedele Intelvi
  • 2009 Foundation in Restorative Implantology (Straumann) (Bristol)
  • 2009 Dental Clinical Audit (Analysis about patient satisfaction) Somerset South and West Local Assessment Panel
  • 2010 Advanced training convention of the Dental Association Schleswig-Holstein, Conservative dentistry, 17.-21.Mai Sylt, Westerland
  • 2010 Straumann Symposium “ The future is here now – a step ahead due to digital solutions“ (Berlin)