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Dr. Gerwalt Muhle

Dr. Gerwalt Muhle


  • Born 1958 in Villingen-Schwenningen
  • High school graduation 1977 in St. Wendel/Saar
  • 1977 to 1978 medical orderly in the military
  • 1978 to 1983 study of dentistry at the Dental Faculty of Saarland University
  • During this period of time several clinical placements at Homburger maxillary surgery department
  • Doctorate in bio-mathematics
  • Since 1983 working in several assistant position as dentist
  • Doctoral examination and graduation with the grade magna cum laude with the topic: The ballistocardiographic force vector within heart-healthy individuals
  • Member of the Academy for Practice and Science since 1989
  • 1989 acquisition of own dental practice in Berlin
  • During this time several advanced training courses  i.a. certifications in impantology, periodontology and temporomandibular joint function
  • 2001 advanced training at Harvard Dental School and at the Institute of Advanced Dental Studies in Boston
  • Work as referee in the area of prophylaxis and filling techniques with composite
  • Author of several articles in scientific journals i.a. at the Spitta-publications with the topic of “Paediatric Dentistry”
  • Referee for periodontology and conservative dentistry at the Dental Association Berlin
  • Referee of LaGeSo*
  • Member of a variety of scientific association i.a. DGZMK, BDIZ, APW, DGI, DGP, DGfdt*
  • Membership at the American Academy of Periodontology.
  • Master of Science (MSc) Periodontology at the University Krems, March 2004
  • Study visit at the New York College of Dentistry December 2005
  • 2007 regional joint practice Kurfürstendamm 159, 10709 Berlin
  • Author of the book “Compromises and limitations in periodontology
  • Master of Science (MSc) Implantology at the University Krems, October 2009
  • Author of the book „Quality management in a dental practice
  • Master of Science (MSc) Oral surgery at the University Krems, October 2010
  • Referee for Periodontology
  • 2013 extrajudicial/ judicial expert of the Dental Association Berlin for Impantology



DGZMK:  German Society for Dental and Oral Medicine

APW: Academy for Practice and Science

DGI: German Implantology Society

BDIZ: Association of Implant Dentists in Germany

AGF: Working group for Function Gauges

AAP: American Academy of Periodontology

LaGeSo: Regional Office for Health and Social Affairs Berlin