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Dentist Dr. Muhle & Partner

The Periodontology is a branch of dentistry, which primarily deals with diseases of the periodontal apparatus (periodontium). The so-called periodontium includes the alveolar bone, the gingiva, the periodontal ligament and the cementum. Through this unit the tooth is firmly anchored in the bone. If, in this area an inflammation occurs, one speaks of a paradentitis (periodontal inflammation).


Frequently a gingivitis, initiated by inadequate oral hygiene, precedes a periodontitis. Reasons for the inflammation are mainly due to bacteria being present in the plaque. In case these bacteria are passing deeper into gingival pockets, an inflammation of the periodontium occurs. In the field of periodontology other factors alongside the oral hygiene, such as systemic diseases, smoking and hormonal changes, e.g. during pregnancy, play a significant role.

Result of this inflammatory response is the decline of bone material and thus a loss of supporting tissue. At an advanced stage this can lead to the loosening of teeth and even complete loss of teeth. In addition, patients often complain of bleeding gingiva, bad breath or an unpleasant taste.


As specialists in the field of periodontology we recognise both the causes and the sensitivities of our patients as well as individually tailored treatments. Periodontitis treatment includes the thorough removal of the mineralised deposits (concretions) at the root under anaesthesia with specific hand instruments and ultrasonic.

Additionally, excellent patient compliance is also required, since the domestic oral hygiene during treatment plays a crucial role for the healing process. Furthermore, a regular prophylaxis in one of our dental practices is conducive to maintaining the health of your teeth. The aim of the treatment is an inflammation-free periodontium with healthy gingiva and firm connective tissue for a healthy teeth attachment.

As soon as you notice early symptoms of a gingivitis or periodontitis, you should act as soon as possible, before the disease progresses. Often a full treatment can be avoided through targeted measures when detected at an early stage.

Our periodontology specialists are at your disposal for guidance, advice and practical help. Simply call us to arrange an appointment at one of our practices in Berlin-Schöneberg or at the Kurfürstendamm.

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